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12 Awesome Yoga Asanas to Practice for a Healthy Life

Because yoga se hi hoga. 

Health doesn't mean absence of disease; it extends beyond the physiological fitness to mental calmness, emotional stability, and joyful expressions. Moreover, body, mind, and spirit are like the steering engine and gear of the car-- the poor functioning of even one aspect can create a disequilibrium in our life and lead to ill health.

The traditional discipline of yoga is one simple method of creating harmony among these three components. This unison, in turn, exists to support the life. Yoga is a traditional science with roots in the Vedic wisdom that removes impurities from the levels of mind, makes muscles strong, and limbs flexible. The continuous practice of yoga comprising of meditation, pranayama, diet, and asanas leads a person on the path of robust living, higher consciousness, and spiritual elevation.

Here are 12 asanas, that are easy and that help you stay healthy.