The Popple 19 Aug, 2018 04:44 68516 6

World's First Non-Melting Ice Lolly Will Surely Melt You

This 'cool' solution is really COOL!

Picture this: You bring out the last ice lolly you have been saving for a while, and just after you finish unwrapping it, there's this phone call that you need to answer. It has only been a few seconds but you start feeling a stream of cold sticky water dripping all over your hands and shoes. You hurriedly disconnect the call only to realize that the last chunk of ice just fell off on the sidewalk and there's nothing but the feeling of wallow to haunt you for the rest of the evening. Trust me, this melting thing is every ice ​cream lover's biggest foe. 

Wait, it may sound sad, but we are only telling you this because it's just something you may never have to experience again. Yes, you got it right! Food design studio Bompas & Parr has cracked the formula to an ice lolly that doesn't turn into a sugary puddle anytime soon! And we are just all over it.