Ujjwala Sinha 20 Jul, 2018 11:59 67382 8

Why You 'Should' And Why You 'Should Not' Eat on Plane

You would think twice before eating on plane now. 

You're flying to a place, all pumped up. Excited to explore the city with a fancy book in one hand, looking out of the window when suddenly the stewardess brings you food. You look at her, she looks at you, and then something feels off. The food seems strange. 

Have you noticed that the food on the plane is bland and weird in taste? Yes, it is not only you who feels so. All of us have been there, but more than taste, it is advised not to consume that food, but at the same time, many researches even claim that it's good for health. Let's check out 'why' and 'why we shouldn't'.