Sneha Chakraborty 05 Jul, 2018 05:53 66803 8

A Cheat Sheet to Monsoon

As Shakespeare said, "Let the sky rain potatoes"!  

'Tis the season for wet streets, raindrop musicals and the comforting 'rain scent' that you just want to bottle up. Perched on the window pane right next to rain, it's the bed-weather that calls for extended sleep hours and Indian comfort food to enjoy the cold weather 

There are pungent and sweet flavours, accompanied by stories and memories. There's the classic potato masala dosa, the lined containers with namkeens for chai, and then the solemn and quirky custom of bhuttas with grains of salt on the cob. There's a reminder, not to forget the chutneys for the samosa on way back home.