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Ujjwala Sinha 06 Oct, 2018 12:39 69379 25

13+ Funny Food Names That Will Leave You in Splits 

Get ready to know some really funny food names!

How are you? I have been good, got a bit late to work today but that is okay. As long as my Team Leader does not come to know (LOL!). Eminem's new album is out but on a totally unrelated topic, there are some food names that will leave you in splits. Some are real and some are just unfortunate. 

Name matters a lot. It shapes the person that they are and will be. But I guess nobody tried hard enough with them. I mean imagine a good looking guy who loves dogs, lifts and talks nice but has a weird name. Even Monica didn't want to be called Mrs Bing. 

Want to know what these ill-fated foods are? Well, then you better get a tissue paper to wipe those 'laughing-tears'.