Ujjwala Sinha 01 Sep, 2018 09:06 69185 7

Reasons Why You Should Visit Virat Kohli's New Restaurant

Do you even need a reason? 

The most coveted batsman, Virat Kohli, who not only has stolen the hearts of people on the field but has also garnered the hearts of millions of girls off-field. Anything he does become a sensation. His charm, charisma and panache, are what make me drool, but did you know he has come up with his own restaurant recently?

Yes, you read that right, my dear reader, Virat has a newly opened restaurant called Nueva. It has everything from scrumptious food to oh-God-so-beautiful ambience, offering South American cuisine. You can depend on this restaurant to redefine the food and dining scenes of India.

So, here are the reasons why this restaurant should be on your must-visit list.