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Ujjwala Sinha 28 Sep, 2018 14:08 68275 25

20+ Incredible Tricks Photographers Use to Make Food Look Tempting 

Not everything that glitters is gold!

Now is the time to be unique. Everyone is so hard bent on being different than others that it has led to a generation of people trying to be different. They go for marketing anything and everything, they have to increase the reach. Such is the case with food as well. It is no longer about the taste, the aroma or the process. People have forgotten that already. They now want to portray food in a "tasty" manner. From odd tricks to fancy one-liners, they have used it all. 

I was just casually surfing the internet when I came across something very intriguing. There are tricks that photographers use to make the food look tasty, and those tricks are really bizarre. If you accidentally end up eating even a tiny bit of them, then you will have to make rounds to the hospital because they are disastrous to eat as well. You can't even imagine what all it takes to make food appealing to people.