Ujjwala Sinha 14 Aug, 2018 16:11 68310 8

Vibrant Tri-Colour Food to Eat This Independence Day  

Because patriotism can be found in everything!

Hello, there foodie. What day is it?

Well, it is an occasion to enjoy because the day of celebration is here. This day, 72 years ago, our brave soldiers fought for the freedom and made India great. They snatched the power and made it their own. A day when everything got changed. Independence Day is more than just an occasion when everyone comes together to celebrate the glory of India. It is a day when every Indian smile with pride! 

They wear clothes carrying the colours of the Indian Flag, paint their faces, sing slogans, and sometimes even make food in tri-colour to encourage the patriotic spirit.

I have curated a list of items that look like the Indian Flag. Let the foodie in you get coloured in the zealous spirit of independence, remembering the brave, the gallant and the selfless.