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The Popple 21 Jul, 2018 06:26 67549 11

This Topless Baker is Here to Swoon You With His Chiselled Bod and Cakes

Even Gordon Ramsay follows him on Twitter!

It's predominantly hot in the kitchen, but when there's Matthew Adlard in there, it's sure to be steaming HAWT! Raising the temperatures high with his topless style in the videos, this man (26) is fond of both, baking and working out! He grew up in Norwich, a small town in England and has studied International Business at the University of Birmingham. But, with time he has figured out that his interest lies in making as delicious delicacies as he is! *Fan-Girl moment*

Well, the hottie has a huge fanbase! About 255K followers on Instagram, people (read 274K subscribers) drooling over his half-naked videos on YouTube, all enjoy with him as he bakes flawlessly!