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Your Body Needs To Stay Happy, But First Know What Is Making It Unhappy

Not just because it is World Obesity Day.

Why wait for a disease to pay you a visit before you start taking obesity seriously? I mean, no, obesity is neither a curse nor a disease UNTIL it starts affecting your health. 

I know, most you must be encountering rebellious thoughts like, 'I don't want to care about what people have to say about my body', then let me break it to you, mate, it's not others for whom you should do something about that extra weight. It is for yourself and your own betterment that you should pay attention to those extra kilos.

If you've tried those diets and religiously worked out in the gym but still not lost those extra kilos then there's a good chance of you inculcating some utterly wrong habits.

Here's a list of habits you need to get rid of, immediately: