Somya Satwani 06 Oct, 2018 13:56 68318 25

25 Lip-Smacking Sindhi Dishes That Every Non-Sindhi Must Give a Try

Exploring some of the mouth-watering dishes of the Sindhi community.

With Sindhi’s comprising of around 27-30 lakh of the Indian population, their dishes have surely found a favourite spot in most of our lists. Sindhi's are well-known for their festivals that are celebrated with great joy and, of course, an inevitable part of the celebration being food.

Every morning scenario of a Sindhi house is probably the smell of freshly baked koki, glanced with desi ghee wafting your nose and not to forget the compulsory side dish – The Sindhi Papad.  With a balance of spice and sweet, Sindhi's have a great platter to offer us. Let us explore some of the famous Sindhi dishes -