Somya Satwani 27 Sep, 2018 06:11 68402 25

20+ Strangest Halwas That You Have Ever Heard Of

Why to go for those normal halwas?!

A very sweet smile adorns my lips whenever I have something sweet to savour right in front of me! I mean who doesn't like sweets? I can proudly say that I have a sweet tooth. When talking about sweets, we for sure have a never-ending list, but if we talk about Halwas, all that comes to our mind is the 'Sooji Ka Halwa' or maybe the Gajar Ka Halwa. 

But it's high time that we change this stereotype. In fact, we have a wide variety of Halwas out there, and all we lack is some knowledge. Below are some strangest yet mouth-watering Halwas that are sure to replace those boring ones!