Sorrab 08 Aug, 2018 13:14 68138 8

Fake Cheese or Fake Video: What's Domino's Pizza's Reality?

The truth is too powerful to remain caged!

Regular size, medium size or large size; soon, very soon or in just a few years, how'd you like your diseased self to serve you, Sir/Madame? Junk food chains perhaps wish to ask this question silently. Okay, if not their marketing team, at least some ingredients in their servings surely do. 

The Pizza industry in India stands tall at Rs 3500 crore, growing at an alarmingly high rate, giving it a place in top 5 emerging markets in the world. Domino's, on the other hand, stands even taller in the country with nobody but Pizza Hut as its only direct rival. We already have a Quora thread on which is better. 

But today, our concern is not the rivalry b/w these giants, but the rivalry of a Domino's pizza with a sting operation made on it.   

Let me break with a few questions in the next slides and then reveal the truth about the video.