Somya Satwani 23 Oct, 2018 07:09 70699 22

Buy These Expensive Uncommon Fruits Only If You Have Money to Spend

Royalty at it's peak and prices too!

There are two types of people out there, the first category belongs to those who are ready to adjust with anything that they get and the second category of people are those who want everything exorbitant. They are not the ones who would settle for less. Also, there are times when all of us muster up some courage of spending extra money to have that one time experience of Royalty.

This list here talks about the most expensive fruits in the world. Know why are they so expensive and also be prepared to get stunned with the rate tags! 

P.S- The calculations of the price have been made according to the Dollar-Rupee rate on October 18th, 2018.