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Sneha Chakraborty 28 Sep, 2018 12:29 67161 25

20+ Table Manners That You May Know But Never Follow 

Holding a fork like a chopstick doesn't make it a pencil!

Eating out has become a casual affair today. Most places are street-style and nobody minds biting big chunks of burger with cheese drooling or eating with hands. But such informal etiquettes aren't accepted in a more formal setting as compared to fast food restaurants. But, haven't we all learned the table manners when we were in school? No talking while chewing food or not starting before everyone else?   

In professional and social situations, it is very important for one to remember that these manners are necessary to practice. The weird fact is, we all know most of the table manners but never practice. That is the reason we tend to forget them. So, here are a few manners that will help you while eating in a formal setting: