Ujjwala Sinha 30 Oct, 2018 13:57 70073 30

What Do the Kardashians Eat to Stay in Perfect Shape? 

The Kardashians are here to slay! 

Who hasn't heard of the Kardashians? They are everywhere. From clothes to makeup to video games, it is as if they have taken over the world in no time. We have to give it to them that they have used this opportunity very well. Whosoever is their PR, we should learn something from them. Who would have thought that these ladies one day would end up making an empire out of one tape? 

I am a true fan to be honest because it takes courage, patience and willpower to do so and they are strong women. Not everyone will agree! Kylie is a businesswoman, Kendall is a model, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have some big projects going as well. Their work is to stay in shape and their shape gets them work. 

Wondering how do they stay in shape? What is their diet? How much do they work out? Well, here are your answers!