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10 Desi Breakfast Options For All The Fitness Freaks

But first, Break-that-fast! 

Be it on the Internet or any magazine or a daily newspaper, we often land up on an article or a series of tips that are parting some knowledge about our health. Talk about a good exercise routine or the idle food for weight loss, everything is out there, available to us quite easily.

The dietitians and the 'advice givers' keep talking about how a healthy breakfast is the key to a healthy life. They ask us to never ever skip breakfast but they don't know how cornflakes and oatmeal isn't everyone's cup of tea. (or should I say, everyone's favourite part of the day?).

Well, luckily for you, I know some extremely low calorie and yummy desi breakfast options that will not only give you a head start for the day, but also keep your taste buds soothed because not all of us can do with a bowl of some fancy cereals and a slice of brown bread with a pat of peanut butter!  

So I bring you the best dishes that will make your morning a little better. Take a look.