Sneha Chakraborty 04 Jul, 2018 10:36 66928 6

A Definitive Guide to Rolled Ice-Creams in India

All you need is love, and maybe some rolled ice-cream!

If there's one thing that can never fail to make someone happy, it is the cold sensation of ice-cream melting inside our mouths. Or, better yet, an ice-cream roll. 

The exceptionally creamy version of ice-cream is a Thai frozen dessert that is also known as stir-fried ice-cream. The making process of this treat has received more attention than the treat itself. A stream of milk is poured at a steel surface that is cooled at an amazing temperature of -35 Degrees. Using metal spatulas, the thinly spread cream is scraped at an angle that turns it into rolls that are topped with sprinkles or chocolate. Let's know more about this trend, as it takes down India with its demand.