Ujjwala Sinha 14 Aug, 2018 16:11 68345 8

Here's How Externals Contributed in India's Food Evolution Over the Years

Because with time, evolves everything.

Time is something that is constantly changing. It is that one that stays true to its nature. And, as time changes, everything revolves as well. In a way, it is true that anything that you see around you will turn into something else in just a matter of some fleeting moments.

This is what happened to our country. We went from a being ruled by Rajputs to Mughals, and then finally the Britishers. There were rapid developments taking place in the cultural aspects of India which you are very well aware of. But how was food affected? There was something that went south because we certainly did not eat like this. 

Our eating habits were influenced by the people ruling us, neighbouring countries and our attitudes towards it. So, are you ready to step on a time machine and travel back to the times when everything changed? Let's see how externals contributed in India's food evolution over the years.