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The Popple 13 Nov, 2018 14:29 71431 35

30+ Food Memes On The Internet That Every Foodie Can Relate To

Food makes the mood!

One never wishes to look back and think "I could've eaten that"! This a considerable regret, you won't want to live or even die with. Reminiscing those nights when you stand with the fridge door open, looking for answers, to your yelling 'hangry' tummy? Food has been our daily bread and butter and will be! We tend to find the 'food' and not the 'good' in everything.

When food is all we need most of the time, and food porn has been a scrolling staple for us; there's no overlooking the food memes that are floating across the internet! Here are some that shall make you say, 'touche'!