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Beware! These 25 Foods Can Potentially Give You A Heart Attack 

Let that heart beat, don't beat it back.

"Well you only love your heart, when you let it go" can be a revised Passenger lyrics when it comes to the importance of our heart (the biological one).

That tiny part within our system does everything to keep us going but it's the going that we don't do which leads to a pressure over it. Well, I was signalling towards a lack of exercise in that sentence. Anyway, it is said that a healthy heart is made in the kitchen and hence it holds a great importance what we take inside our system.  There are a lot many natural foods that strengthen our heart and there then are these villains which fight off all to ensure you get contracted by a heart disease. In the times when health is a major concern for us all, let's know what is bad for our running heartbeats.