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Somya Satwani 07 Dec, 2018 14:33 71977 21

15+ Miraculous Fasting Benefits That You Might Not Know

''Instead of using medicine, better fast today.''- Plutarch

So, yesterday was a kitty party at my house, and as usual, the place was full of laughter, giggles, and gossips. I wanted to find out the topic that keeps these ladies so indulgent for hours. Guess what? The hot topic was dieting and weight loss.

This made me ponder as to why do they think that weight loss is possible only through dieting. Paving my path towards Indian mythology, I came across the ritual of 'fasting'. 

With this miraculous wand with us since ages, why do we even need to think of other solutions?! Hence, here I am today, bringing you the health benefits of fasting. Know the tricks and get started.