Sneha Chakraborty 21 Jul, 2018 12:47 66854 7

This is What the Friday Night Meal Traditions Mean in India

I smell the weekend!

Between packing lunch for work, getting to and from your office, and oh yeah, that never available achha khana, the weekend is something every Indian job karne wala looks forward to. The food is all laid out, there's an aroma that surrounds the dining room, and it brings the entire family together. There's no rushing, no duty phone call, nothing. It's just relaxing in the flow of conversations, bonding together with the dinner table laid out with comforting food. 

This arsenal is a common household tradition in every Indian family. Parents catching up with their children about their week, putting together the shopping list and just enjoying the togetherness. Here are a few such moments I bet you must have felt in your bones.