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Ujjwala Sinha 10 Oct, 2018 14:45 69841 25

These Are Some Foods That Naturally Induce Periods

Because in the end, periods are necessary! 

Every woman goes through periods. Those few days when everything hurts and you are lying on your bed hoping that this world sinks into a hole. It hurts I know but I also know that it is for the best. Periods are a sign of maturity of the female body. They are a monthly occurrence although for some it happens once in two, three and even in six months. Rather than complaining about periods, they rejoice that they are even getting them. 

Ask me I would know. For some reason, I never get them on time and obviously, this hampers my health but I found a way to correct that. There are some foods that can induce periods on time. Want to know what they are? Then just give it a read!