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Somya Satwani 13 Dec, 2018 12:42 71870 18

Foods That Will Help You Knock Out Anxiety And Depression 

Take actions before things go out of your reach!

Do you also feel butterflies in your stomach when you are up on the stage? Well, this is absolutely normal. Also, when things don't turn out the way you wanted, do you even get disheartened? If yes, then this is normal too. All these emotions of anxiety are ordinary for every human to experience. 

But, if you get tensed very quickly, are always distressed, have trouble in concentrating because you worry so much and you are still of the view that something terrible is going to happen; then, my friend, this calls for attention.

Before these feelings and emotions over-power you and the situation goes out of hand, it's the time you make some major dietary changes. Include some foods in your diet and keep your cognitive functioning in the pink of its health.

The first list talks about the foods that help you reduce depression -