Sorrab 22 Nov, 2018 06:01 71609 16

14 Foods That Can Change The Colour Of Your Poop

It really does matter!

From the correct pooping position to the number of bacteria every poop cake houses, everything is written and re-written. Okay, I admit, the latter was a lie. 

What we take into our system impacts heavily on our health and there's nothing new to this fact. Just for an instance, if one sees blood in poop, there remain huge chances that haemorrhoids can be the reason among other few. In such cases, seeking a physician's advice remains a way better choice than reading something online. 

On the contrary, at times, the colour of poop is not related to any disease but to what one has eaten. So today, we'll show you a list of food that can leave some colours in your poop if they're consumed alone in huge quantity.