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Ujjwala Sinha 12 Nov, 2018 13:36 68945 25

Daily Foods That You're Eating Which Can Cause Cancer

One of them is your kids' fav!

Cancer is a disease that floats around us like a death eater who forcefully snatches away us from our very essence, bit by bit. It is indeed a sad tragedy to befall anyone. All of us have heard a story when someone is going about their lives, being all happy-go-lucky and, suddenly, the doctor tells them that they have this oh-so-dreaded disease. Their whole world shifts. What are they supposed to do then? Did they ask for it? Of course, not! But they still have to fight it. 

What if I tell you that this ordeal can be treated before it even occurs to some extent? It could be done by eating right. Yes, you read that right! There are so many things that we eat without even realising the damage that we are causing to our bodies. It affects adults, children, the old. Everyone. There are so many foods lying in plain sight which will make you think, "Woah, I should really stop eating those right now"!