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Sorrab 19 Oct, 2018 11:20 70658 10

Here Are the Ways to Not Cook And Still Eat Amazing Food at Home

Make way for some delicacies, all for free.

One definition in the food-ford dictionary says that "Om-nom-nom" becomes the worst food vocab as soon as the alarm of hunger rings down the belly. 

When I say 'hunger', I know for a fact that the ones who have ever lived in hostels or away from their parents connect to the word in the most catastrophic sense. Things turn even gloomier when you know that it's nobody but you who has to cook if that mouse inside is to be fed.

We've all been there, felt that and let's agree to accept that it wasn't the world's best feeling to not have the tastiest food to eat during those tense moments. So today, we bring to your notice a few suggestions that can magically bring food to you, without you having cooked those.