Food Fun
Ujjwala Sinha 06 Oct, 2018 13:51 68412 25

12+ Food Tattoos to Try If You Need Taste to Live in Your Veins 

Love knows no bound!

Who doesn't like food? It is the most beautiful thing out there. Whatever problems you are facing in life, just get some comfort food and you will instantly feel better. If you ask me, then I would tell you that this is what I do. Even while writing this down, I was feeling a bit low, so I got myself some ice-cream. 

Food for me is like a friend who will always have your back. And I am not the only one who says this. Apparently, there are people whose love for food crossed all the limits. They got themselves food tattoos. 

I must say that is some dedication. Food is no longer just food for them. It is a love story which knows no bound. I have attached some tattoos here. Some are so beautiful and petite that you would think that I want one of these. I have chosen mine. You should know too.