Manisha Joshi 29 Sep, 2018 12:15 67259 25

15+ Desi Food Items That Actually Aren't Indian 

My whole childhood was a lie.

Mera joota hai Japani, ye patloon Englishtaani, sar pe laal topi rusi, fir bhi khaana pasand hai Hindustani! 

That's my version of the song. Relatable? No matter how much we go gaga over pizza, burger, pasta, tacos or lasagna, the feel of food is complete only when we eat our desi food. What comes into your mind when I say 'desi'? Perhaps biryani, rajma or jalebi? Well, I hate to break it you, but these food items are NOT Indian!  

If you're ready for some more heartbreak, here are food items that didn't originate in India.