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Manisha Joshi 14 Jul, 2018 05:29 67221 8

8 Reasons Why You Should Reduce Salt in Your Food

Why salty ain't good for your health! 

Let's just say it, without salt, every dish is incomplete and flavourless. Who doesn't enjoy a nice dash of salt in their food? One doesn't understand the importance of salt until it is missing. Not only taste, but salt also has a lot of health benefits if taken in moderate amount. 

However, not everyone knows that a high amount of salt in their food is actually bad for their heart and health. Therefore, it is important to reduce salt in your food so that you can enjoy every delicacy that you wish to without worrying about health. If you're worried about the taste of food, you can always try different herbs and spices.

Here are a few reasons why you should reduce salt in your food.