Ujjwala Sinha 11 Aug, 2018 15:37 68181 10

10 Varieties of Uttapam You Must Give a Try

Uttapams are like Dosas, only better!

All of us have had South Indian food once in our life. I remember entering Indian Coffee House when the smell of coconut hit my olfactory senses. It was nothing like I had ever tasted. When my eyes studied the sweet and simple restaurant, I saw so many different types of food. They were of every colour. From brown to white, they had it all. To come to think of it, actual diversity existed there. But there were two things that fascinated me the most. Dosa and Uttapam. They were the same in so many aspects yet different at the same time. 

Uttapam is slightly thicker, softer and whiter in colour than Dosa. It has a layer of veggies on it which enhances the taste, but we have the freedom to play with its topping, and that is how generated some lip-smacking recipes of uttapam that everyone on the planet should have.