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Ever Wondered What is the Right Way to Eat 'Nom-Nom' Desserts?

Mmm nom nom nom nom...

Keeping a napkin handy on the lap, doing away with personal items like a mobile phone, waiting for everyone to begin eating together, a pre-eating thanking prayer in some cases, chewing with a closed mouth, all these are the basic food etiquette that one can apply anywhere and everywhere.

But, there remain certain food items that require a little extra from you. Yes, after completing a meal, most people usually like to treat themselves with a dessert and that treat comes with its own rules. Dealing with desserts, especially when you're out to dine or are with non-family members with whom you still have to be formal, should be dealt with delicacy.

Next, we have a small list of certain tasty desserts and how best to have them in the right way.