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Ujjwala Sinha 14 Aug, 2018 09:08 68248 10

10 Common Food Safety Mistakes That All of Us Make 

Little things do matter!

Did you know that food safety is much more than throwing away expired milk or washing your fruits and vegetables? It involves taking precautions that would save you the trouble of getting sick or developing any consequences. If not looked after, it can possibly end up spoiling your whole diet and your health. Then you will have to go to the doctor, get a check-up done, get medicines, take an off from work and even compromise on the diet. Do you know how much money will that involve? 

It is true, getting sick is costly so if you want to save your pocket from being robbed, then you better start taking care of yourself. And the first step towards it is knowing where you are going wrong. I have curated a list for you on common food safety mistakes that all jeopardise your health. So, it would be wise that we stop them before it stops us!