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27 Coffee Memes That You Should Tag Your Friend In  

May your coffee be strong and your day be short. Amen!

There are some combinations that are just meant to be together- just like peanut butter & jelly, brownies & nutella and coffee & happiness.

For all those who love coffee know that there is no better way to start your day than a freshly brewed cup of strong coffee. It freshens you up, charges your dull mind and makes you ready to tolerate some unbearable human species. And I know getting out of bed can be hard, especially when you've had no sleep 'cause you were busy scrolling Instagram. Coffee is your saviour in every damn situation.

So if you're sipping on your cuppa right now, or plan to do so, here are a few memes about coffee that'll make you wanna have it right away and will also let you have a good laugh about the same-