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Sneha Chakraborty 29 Sep, 2018 07:15 67208 15

If You Eat These Cancer Causing Foods Daily, Stop Before it's Too Late

Low fat food, may actually be causing you cancer! 

We are all told to stock up on the 'healthy' foods that can help us avoid cancer causing carcinogens, but what if the healthy section in the supermarket is cancer-infected too. Yeah, that's right, over the past few decades, we are filling our shopping baskets with items that tricking us into this deadly disease.  

The scary headlines on the news about how many people die from cancer every year is the 'ugly' truth. But instead of shutting out on food, you can avoid what's bad for you. And trust me, you eat them every day. Here are some food items you should stop eating or else, the dead end is not so far.